Harimau Muda U-16 versus PVF Vietnam in final

Harimau Muda U-16 goes to final of FAM-Frenz Champions Trophy U-16 2014  with a full style after beating last season's champions, Chonburi FC with aggregate 6-1.

Last Monday, in the first half had shown Chonburi FC supplant repeatedly to get goal when did a lot of attacked flows to the opposite goal's surrounding. The game tied 0-0.

Of beginning of the second half, Harimau Muda U-16 also cram into the opposite camp which witnessed the 60% ball possession belonging to the national team.

Malaysia scored the first goal at 61th minutes by Najmuddin with full individual skill succeeded to overcome two Chonburi's defenders and goalkeeper.

Zul onwards netted a second goal on 65th minutes for Harimau Muda U-16 to overcome an opponent with a score of 2-0.

However Chonburi FC players had made non-stop attacked for some time but most of movements  can be read and victorious thwarted by the line of defense of Harimau Muda U-16.

Kogeswaran added misery to oppenents team after scored the third goal in the extra time. With this 3-0 victory makes aggreate 6-1 overall.

Another finalist, PVF Vietnam has triumphed rid over Frenz United Malaysia with a 4-0 aggregate victory.

For the record, both of PVF Vietnam defeated Harimau Muda U-16 with scored 2-1 in Vietnam and the Harimau Muda U-16 won 3-0 at the Stadium Frenz Janda Baik in the previous group's matches.

The final soon will take place twice on 23 and 30 August later.

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