Result of International Friendly Match : Malaysia vs Tajikistan

Formation is still a mess. Passing between the players was not accurate and easy to read by the opponents and inaccurate finishing, that was the picture of the game on behalf of Harimau Malaya just know.

The mood is still feasting, Harimau Malaya look like new with a lot of mistakes made ​​after the players failed to show the real Harimau Malaya games. This allows the opponent steal some chances and finally thrashed 4-1 against Harimau Malaya.

Malaysia's consolation goal was present at the last minute halftime with Malaysia behind 1-2 to opponents on penalties in the first half.

In the second half, many opportunities present for the Harimau Malaya, unfortunately, opponent has added sorrow to Malaysia fans with the addition of two more goals to make the whole Tajikistan 4-1 win over the Harimau Malaya.

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