Rajagopal seeking Harimau Malaya

He sat and watched the match between Pahang and Terengganu last Tuesday. Malaysia Football Coach, Datuk K Rajagobal continue his journey from venue to venue to watch his boys performance and  seeking new talented players to represent our country especially for Asia Cup preparation year 2015.

With 26 players will be called for country training soon, including new players like Mohd Hafiz Kamal and Mohd Fauzi Roslan from Pahang FC, Shukur Jusoh from ATM and Mohd Nor Farhan Mohamad from Kelantan FC and others.

Former strikers Safee Sali and Norshahrul Idlan Talaha also will join the national training to strengthen up Harimau Malaya for Asia Cup 2015.

Meanwhile Shukur Jusoh will try his best to be selected in the team and believe his experiences and talents will be accepted by Datuk K Rajagobal. Age factor is not the string but challenging. He wants to absorb with the pattern of  contemporary game as soon as possible with the team, it will be no matter.

Hope the best with the new faces in the team.  We believe Datuk K Rajagobal had restructured the team plan and management. No matter who are in the team, we always dream the best from all of you.

Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Johor Darul Takzim FC defeated PKNS FC

Johor Darul Takzim FC (DT) overcome PKNS 3-1 last night. The DT goal were scored by Safee Sali, Ahmad Ezrie Shafizie Sazali and Daniel Guiza and PKNS consolation goal by Mohd Faiz Bin Mohd Isa.

Meanwhile Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) defeated Felda United 2-0 to strengthen the second rank position.

While Pahang defeated Terengganu 3-0 as league leaders.

Another match between Perak versus Selangor was ended in controversion situation to draw 1-1. Selangor goal was score by Forke Doe and Perak goal was scored through penalty.

Nicol David won again

Congratulation to Datuk Nicol Ann David after her victory against Laura Massaro 3-0. For records this was the second time meeting after recent Woman World Championship 2012. This is 8th champion in history. With high performance she claim the best title of Woman ATCO PSA World Series Final for the beginning of year 2013.

Before that Nicol lost to Laura Massaro in group round. But with great tactical game she deserved to win the championship at final. Laura shown her best tactical game with short pass ball to wall but Nicol already knew her step and return the fast ball to invite Laura to play fast game.

Laura look a bit exhausted after second set and it was given advantages to Nicol to make shots around the ring.

Meanwhile Malaysia Premier League will start kick off tonight with seven venue awaiting for match. While Malaysia Super League will on tomorrow.

ATCO PSA World Series Final :Nicol Ann David vs Laura Massaro?

The ATCO PSA World Series Final, London once again the meeting of Cayman Islands finalist World Women Squash Championship 2012 edition between Datuk Nicol Ann David versus Laura Massaro.

Laura Massaro from England has defeated countrywoman Jenny Duncalf 6/11. 11/8, 11/9 (2-1). Meanwhile Datuk Nicol Ann David has sealed her place to final after won match against Camille Serme from France 11/5, 11/8 (2-0) within 23 minutes.

The final match will be play on 6th January at 4 p.m. (London local time).

Meanwhile Frenz International Cup for third and fourth place, FUFA Malaysia defeated Malaysia U15  2-0.
Congratulation to FUFA Malaysia even the club just organiza two months ago before tournament.

Anyway we hope Datuk Nicol Ann David will win the final match and to FUFA Malaysia and Malaysia U15 you are the best team even the first time to play at International level.

Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Frenz International Cup Semifinal 2 Result : Malaysia U15 vs Persepolis Iran

Once again Malaysia Fans got upset after Malaysia U15 defeated by Persepolis Iran with narrow victory 1-0. Our hopes shattered when the goal was scored by Persepolis striker with swipes a strong kick beat Malaysia U15 goalkeeper.

Once again physical factors was given advantages to Persepolis players to overcome or crossed every through pass by Malaysia players. They played with high spirit and self-confident to controll the match.

Credit should be rewarded to Malaysia U15 when they have shown non-stop attempts to score goals. They got many chances but luck was not on our behalf.

So Malaysia U15 will play against FUFA Malaysia for third and fourth place tomorrow while Slovakia versus Persepolis Iran for final.

May be this is the first time at semi final of international level, two of our representatives, Malaysia U15 and FUFA Malaysia have learned something for good experience and exploration to become professional player in future. Please keep play and do not stop until your dream come true.

Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

Frenz International Cup Semifinal Result : Frenz United Malaysia vs Slovakia

Frenz United Football Association (Malaysia) FUFA was defeated by Slovakia 2-0 about 2 hours ago at Wisma Kelana Jaya Stadium. With 52% ball possession by Slovakia, FUFA obviously have shown their best performance to score goal. Even their size average were smaller than Slovakia players.

They fought like a fisky tiger cubs. With no sign of fear, FUFA was able to create and controlled almost average percentage ball possession as Slovakia. May be they were no luck tonight to win the match.

Every score tried by FUFA seems was denied by Slovakia goal keeper. With good defending, Slovakia defenders show their thigh marking to stop every move of FUFA strikers.

About size, it totally difference. But credit should be given to FUFA players. They have shown good worked and tried even the opponents score two goal earlier. No such word like give up shown by them but the high spirit to score goal have made Slovakia defenders and goalie almost failed to stop them.

We have a few chances to score goal but to defeat their last man was not an easy job. Even they were faster than Slovakia players but their tactical game was so good. By doing back up and flexible positioning made little bit worry to stop them too.

Meanwhile Malaysia U15 versus Persepolis Iran is delayed until 5th of January, Saturday morning at 9.30 a.m. We hope Malaysia U15 will seek revenge for their brother (FUFA) by winning the match and defeat Slovakia at final. FUFA will play for third and fourth position later.

To Malaysia U15 and FUFA Malaysia, you guys have made us proud of you. Hope they will play for Harimau Malaya later. Please continue and do not stop until your dream come true. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

BAM do not too stubborn

Former Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) President, Tan Sri Elyas Omar warned the BAM leaderships to give chances to a new and talented players, Misbun Ramdan and others to performance at the international level.

He was gave positive feedback on advice given by Datuk Zolkples Embong, Director General of National Sports Council with direct message to BAM about the matter above.

Elyas adds: MSN rarely comments during his periods of time (1985-1993) ago. If any, they will solve or rectify the problem as soon as possible.

With the matter of Misbun Ramdan, Elyas said that he will be ignored such many talented players before if BAM not take any action to polish their talents and give chances to represent Malaysia at international level.

Like Datuk Lee Chong Wei, he actually should be able to overcome Lin Dan but because of internal problem at management level of BAM, he always defeated by Lin Dan.

BAM must realize their mistake and try to solve the problem as soon as possible. Malaysia needs your attention to change bad attitude by considering all talented players with free politics and no self-interests issues to bring them at higher level of Badminton (international level).

Malaysia Boleh!!!X3


Chong Wei World No.1 ?

No doubt, he is the world number one. Datuk Lee Chong Wei has the right track to come back on 2013. Once again he put on target to be the champion of World Badminton Championship at Guangzhou, China on coming August 2013.
The statement was admitted by Rashid Sidek, National Single Badminton Coach. This is the main target of 2013 and he still believe that Chong Wei will not easily back off but has shown his high fighting spirit to conquer the championship.

For record, he has not yet become a champion of World Badminton Championship and World Olympic Game.

After lost to Lin Dan at World Badminton Championship 2012 as  runner up, he had won a lot of Super Series Premier and Super Series tournaments but no luck yet to become the greatest champion for the two world class game of Badminton.

Since 2008 as the world no. 1, of course it will not the complete set until he become all around championship.

For the coming South Korea Badminton Open 2013 on 8 to 13 January 2013 and Malaysia Super Series 2013, he has given his word to retain the championship again.

He now fully-recovered will show his best to win all the mention title of year 2013.

We hope you can do it and will be our proud to win the World Badminton Championship 2013 soon.

Malaysia Boleh!!! X3.

Why FAM speechless?

Until now there are no sign of action taken by Football Association of Malaysia (FAM). Datuk Azzudin Ahmad is on holiday overseas while Sultan Ahmad Shah is on vacation too. Meanwhile Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, Deputy President of FAM is speechless until the president and FAM General Secretary come back soon.
 While Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin, Vice President of FAM declined to comment yesterday but have to wait until they come back from vacation. Let them talk about that. Whatever it is, he will defending FAM according to the issue matters.

Last Friday, five members of Harimau Malaya Extreme Fans (PFSLJ) representatives attend press conference at Bukit Jalil have outlined five reasons why President of FAM has to resign. PFSLJ Spokesman, Al Fadli Awaludin replied to Datuk Razali Ibrahim, Deputy Minister  of Sports and Youths to prove that they had made mistaken reasons by show quality progress of Malaysia Soccer Team level after he tried to defend Sultan Ahmad Shah leadership.
Meanwhile Harimau Muda optimists their chance by undergoing the plans and developments of Gold Medal target to SEA Games 2013 that will start soon. They will not join Singapore League 2013 (S-League) otherwise will go through the plans to Australia and Slovakia. They will play for Newspaper Cup at Vietnam and Pesta Bolasepak Merdeka three months before the SEA Games on November 2013.

 We hope the issues about FAM will be resolved soon and to Harimau Muda, once again all Malaysia Fans believe they will got hat-rick to retain Gold Medal at SEA Games 2013 soon.

Malaysia Boleh!!! X3.