Frenz International Cup Semifinal Result : Frenz United Malaysia vs Slovakia

Frenz United Football Association (Malaysia) FUFA was defeated by Slovakia 2-0 about 2 hours ago at Wisma Kelana Jaya Stadium. With 52% ball possession by Slovakia, FUFA obviously have shown their best performance to score goal. Even their size average were smaller than Slovakia players.

They fought like a fisky tiger cubs. With no sign of fear, FUFA was able to create and controlled almost average percentage ball possession as Slovakia. May be they were no luck tonight to win the match.

Every score tried by FUFA seems was denied by Slovakia goal keeper. With good defending, Slovakia defenders show their thigh marking to stop every move of FUFA strikers.

About size, it totally difference. But credit should be given to FUFA players. They have shown good worked and tried even the opponents score two goal earlier. No such word like give up shown by them but the high spirit to score goal have made Slovakia defenders and goalie almost failed to stop them.

We have a few chances to score goal but to defeat their last man was not an easy job. Even they were faster than Slovakia players but their tactical game was so good. By doing back up and flexible positioning made little bit worry to stop them too.

Meanwhile Malaysia U15 versus Persepolis Iran is delayed until 5th of January, Saturday morning at 9.30 a.m. We hope Malaysia U15 will seek revenge for their brother (FUFA) by winning the match and defeat Slovakia at final. FUFA will play for third and fourth position later.

To Malaysia U15 and FUFA Malaysia, you guys have made us proud of you. Hope they will play for Harimau Malaya later. Please continue and do not stop until your dream come true. Malaysia Boleh!!! X3

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