Frenz International Cup Semifinal 2 Result : Malaysia U15 vs Persepolis Iran

Once again Malaysia Fans got upset after Malaysia U15 defeated by Persepolis Iran with narrow victory 1-0. Our hopes shattered when the goal was scored by Persepolis striker with swipes a strong kick beat Malaysia U15 goalkeeper.

Once again physical factors was given advantages to Persepolis players to overcome or crossed every through pass by Malaysia players. They played with high spirit and self-confident to controll the match.

Credit should be rewarded to Malaysia U15 when they have shown non-stop attempts to score goals. They got many chances but luck was not on our behalf.

So Malaysia U15 will play against FUFA Malaysia for third and fourth place tomorrow while Slovakia versus Persepolis Iran for final.

May be this is the first time at semi final of international level, two of our representatives, Malaysia U15 and FUFA Malaysia have learned something for good experience and exploration to become professional player in future. Please keep play and do not stop until your dream come true.

Malaysia Boleh!!! X3


Teruskan bermain dan mesti tanam minat untuk wakili Harimau Malaya suatu hari nanti...


never back down and lets continue to look forward.....harimau will rise again...go harimau...our day will come...chayok2


Football in Malaysia can be improve in terms of popularity and skills.

One way is by finding sponsor like what Wigan Athletic F.C. doing. Their team is sponsored by so they got enough of fund to continue their training


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