Malaysia FA Cup 2013 Final result : Kelantan vs Johor Darul Takzim

Congratulation to TRW after confirming the triumph after defeated JDT 1-0.  Norfarhan with jersey no. 10 is the Kelantan hero after scored a goal for Kelantan at 16 minutes after the kicked off. 
Early 10 minutes, Kelantan got chances to score ahead while Fakhri  received the ball passed by Piya in front of goal post but poor finishing by him. JDT goalkeeper efficiency should also be praised when rescue many opponents' goal.

However JDT got many chance to score goal but denied by Khairul Fahmi, Kelantan goalkeeper and JDT close to equalizing goal by Leonel Nunez's free kick but a bit passed over the crossbar.

Congratulation to The Red Warrior for two consecutive years won the FA Cup Malaysia.

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