Issues about Revington considered completed

The meeting yesterday was held between Revington, national youth coach Muhd Dhaarma Raj and Director of Program Developement 1MAS Lim Chiow Chuan at MSN, Bukit Jalil yesterday.Zolkples Embong said all parties involved have agreed to focus on their job.

"Revington will continue as a senior hockey coach until at least semi-finals at the World Hockey League at Johor Bharu starting 29 June 2013" said Zolkples, Director of MSN.

However, Zolkples said the future of South Africa's coach after the campaign ended remains unknown.

This situation would be happy to Malaysia Hockey Confederation (MHC), which still requires his services after the 2011's best coaches managed to improve the players' performance less than a year he guided the senior hockey.


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